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How to reserve ?



The website www.valrafting.fr allows you to make your reservation through 2 differents processes:

-Online booking, on each activity page. Click on “Book and pay now” and let yourself be guided by the process, integrated on the page, connected with the internal planning of VALRAFTING.

-The reservation request by e-mail, on each activity page or in contact. Click on “Réservation by e-mail” and fill in the requested fields of the application form. The collected information is processed internally and you are confirmed by email with the details of the activation, the payment to be made.

For some activities, the reservation can only be by e-mail on the site.

All reservations are possible by phone at +33 6 49 31 70 45. We take the necessary data to administer your booking and you send this information to your activity by e-mail. Some information documents to participate in our activities are to be filled for the place on the date of your activity.

Participation form with swimming certificate.



You also have the possibility to buy gift vouchers for one year.

-Purchase of gift vouchers: Click to the page “voucher / reservation” to choose the right choice. Then click on “offer / book” and let yourself be guided by the purchase process.

-Uses of vouchers: When you use your voucher, you can also go to the gift voucher / reservation page. Use your voucher, write down the code and follow it to book your activity.